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Links of Interest

Other Schools - These are links to schools whose teachers I know personally.  I have the greatest confidence in their teaching abilities, the depth of their knowledge and the superior quality of their ethics.  If our class and workshop schedules don't meet your needs, I encourage you to contact one of the following schools.

Star Farm Tai Chi & Qigong Search Center:  http://www.starfarmtaiji.com/index.html

Peaceful Wolf Tai Chi Chuan:  http://www.peacefulwolftaichi.com/

Integrated Movement and Massage Solutions: http://www.malaikasharpmassagetherapy.com/

Eagle's Quest Tai Chi Center:  http://www.eaglesquesttaichi.com/

Central Connecticut Tai Chi Chuan: http://www.centralconnecticuttaichi.com/index.html


Other Tai Chi & Qi Gong Links - Information on events, classes and workshops, medical benefits information and local, regional and national schools and teachers in addition to those noted above.

Healing Ways - The Teachings of Kenneth Cohen:  http://www.kennethcohen.com/

Long Island School of Tai Chi Chuan: http://www.dojos.com/klein/

National Qi Gong Association (NQA):  http://www.nqa.org/

Connecticut World Tai Chi & Qi Gong Day:  http://www.connecticuttaichi.us/

World Tai Chi & Qi Gong Day:  http://www.worldtaichiday.org/

Tai Chi Network (others schools and teachers):  http://www.taichinetwork.org/index.html


Other Important Links - Information on health and healing locations in and around central Connecticut including locations at which we offer classes and workshops.

Breathe...more:  http://breathemorellc.com/

Ravenwood Holistic Wellness Center: http://ravenwoodhealing.com/rhwc1_002.htm

Connecticut Institute for Herbal Studies:  http://www.ctherbschool.com/

Spirit Matters - A Center for Healing Body, Mind & Spirit: http://spiritmattersct.com/

Infoholix (Complimentary & Alternative Medicine index): http://www.infoholix.net/index.php