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Tai Chi For Health

Silver Dragon was founded in September 2001 by George Hoffman as a vehicle to bring the great arts of Tai Chi and Qigong to others so that they could also realize the health benefits associated with their practice.

Our mission is to offer clients and other practitioners the tools necessary to maintain ongoing health and treat periodic energetic imbalances using Qigong and Tai Chi. Our goal is to deliver value that exceeds expectations and to refer clients not able to fit into Silver Dragon schedules, classes, and private lessons to other competent, qualified schools and instructors.

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George Hoffman, Director

George has 22 years of teaching experience and 28 years of study and practice in the Chinese arts of Tai Chi and Qigong. He has successfully developed and continues to deliver classes in both arts for a number of organizations including municipal recreation departments, community centers, and local health-focused healing centers.

His goal is to give students the tools with which to reap the ongoing health and self-healing benefits associated with Tai Chi and Qigong by offering group classes and individual instruction. His strengths in teaching and coaching facilitate students' ability to learn these health-enhancing exercises rapidly and with confidence. His belief in the power of these ancient arts comes across in his teaching style, patience, compassion, and his students’ success.

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S. Z.

Recovered from back pain.

I had back pain from long-time sitting in the front of computers and a small injury from playing basketball. That is when I enrolled in your class to practice Taichi. After two years of Taichi, my back pain has fully recovered.

M. W.

Reduce stress, improve balance.

I began 17 years ago with George Hoffman with a goal to relieve stress from work. Through the years I have learned many Qigongs in addition to two very powerful Tai Chi forms. This has helped me with stress, balance and aides me immensely in feeling grounded and centered in almost everything I do.

K. P.

Coming home to my body.

Qigong, Tai Chi, the energy of our class, and of course George, helped me learn how to come home to my body.

J. R.

In my 80s, health and body awareness.

I've been studying with George for many years and having reached my 80s credit the classes for my stability and body awareness, as well as contributing to better health than I ever expected.

B. B.

Slow down and focus.

In our far too fast-paced world, qigong and tai chi offer the opportunity to slow down and focus inward to clear muscular and emotional tensions. I consider George's patient teaching, always alert to his students' individual needs, a godsend to my quest to integrate body, mind, and spirit.